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The youngest brewer in the UK

Did you know Jacob was only 15 years of age when he first started working for us? He was the youngest brewing apprentice in the country?

Flash forward a few years later, Jacob has now graduate University and recently created his own keg. NEO-PRO New England IPA or NEIPA. A beer that young Jacob has designed to celebrate him in completing his training at University🥳

Jacob Next to a brewing machine

Recently, Fixed Wheel Brewery have been interviewed by BBC Midlands to celebrate Jacob graduating University but to also show how much Jacob has progress in the business in helping Scott, the Director and man behind the real ale you all know and love.

We’re so proud to have Jacob working for us. From the age of 15, Jacob has put all of his time and hard work into the creation of the ales you all love today and now he is the youngest brewing apprentice.

To watch the full interview click the link below or follow us on our social media pages to watch the full interviews and to keep updated on our latest cask  specials.


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