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Tour De Music – Luca Rusnighi

Luca Rusnighi is an amazing solo vocalist who will be joining us at the taproom on November 11th from 6pm onwards.


He is one of the most versatile vocalists around, singing a wide range of songs from the 80’s, to Britpop, from reggae to Rock and roll, disco, and acoustic. He has an extensive repertoire that promises to keep you entertained and singing along. His unique style of singing and his ability to captivate the audience will make the evening an unforgettable experience. He has a great stage presence and his passion for music comes through in every performance. He has been performing live for over 10 years and is well known for his amazing vocal range and energy.


Luca knows how to get the crowd going and will make sure everyone has an enjoyable evening. So come join us on the 11th of November from 6pm onwards and experience the fantastic Luca Rusnighi.

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